Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Political Detour

Hezbollah rockets are raining on Israel at a typical pace of what, over 100 a day? Hezbollah operates, like the terrorist group it is, out of civilian areas. Lebanon cannot or will not disarm this terrorist group. What exactly is Israel supposed to do - say, "Shoot me"? Just take the kidnapping and rocket fire and it's business as usual?

I sure don't wish I lived in a country where air raid sirens were heard all the time and the political leadership did not respond to such provocation.

It's a tragedy that Lebanese civilians are getting killed, yet it's clear that Hezbollah can stop this insanity in a moment - by returning the soldiers and disarming. But that's too inconvenient for them, and if Lebanese civilians need to suffer, well, they can always irrationally blame it on the Israelis....