Thursday, March 09, 2006

Purim and the Bard

The ides of March draw near. Fair is foul and foul is fair in the hester panim of Purim. (Knowing my limits I won't try to pull an Ishbetzer off on you.)

It's an interesting puzzle as you try to be aware of what's beyond the surface and yet retain the good eye, viewing things in a positive light even as you see them for what they are intrinsically.

Nothing is as it seems. Richard Cory. The clown who's the saddest man in the house. And the kvetch whose life, objectively perceived, is actually wonderful.

It's why Purim is so important for us, living in a temporal world, convinced of our corporeal permanence. The threat, too, is annihilation, a physical doom. And the fix? Friends. To bridge between the material and spiritual, to keep us in check, in every sense. So we drink and eat together and send mishloach manos and let our friends know (if inebriatedly) that we love them and value their friendship.

Ah freilichen Purim.