Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Maintenance Moment

Finally got around to updating my links bar. It's like hope (the good kind), nostalgia, and appreciation in one wicked brew.

This is for Aidel because I think she is awesome. Awesome and inspiring.
This is for Arye because some people are so good at writing they should be encouraged at every opportunity. Even if I don't understand a blessed thing he is saying half the time, I enjoy his stuff. That says something. Maybe something not so good about me, but let's not go there.
This is for Ben because few people get the frustration that is the Israeli political scene and communicate it so well (and so uninfuriatingly) as he. Also because he hates galleh.
This is for Cara because her blog exudes a rare sweetness.
This is for Mo-C because HE'S BACK! G-d bless, miracles do happen.
This is for Psycho because there is only so much psychosis I can come up with on my own.
This is for Robert because he has made me cry, and hug and kiss and appreciate my loved ones, so many times.
This is for She because she has made me laugh out loud so many times. And because I am optimit l'lo takanah.
This is for Shlomo because the masses are waiting.
This is for David because he has way too much talent for one individual. Like, couldn't I be a recovering trombone player who takes statement-making pictures and fought in Korea and writes an incredible blog? Well, no. So instead you get Trep.