Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Raising Cain

For the most part, I am pretty laid-back about speech. At the same time, I feel an obligation to raise my children to abide by socially accepted standards of speech. Other parents see red when their kids say "stupid"; it takes "retard" or "meshuggeneh" to make me mad. And I don't see anything wrong with hell (as long as you're not telling someone to go there).

But one of the words I am very strict about is "kill". I hear that word and it's trouble.

The other day, I hear my boys in an escalating argument. From what I can tell on my side of things, the argument is getting physical. I'm trying to ignore it because some fighting is part of the healthy, normal growth process (this according to the spousal unit). Okay. Then I hear it, that sign that the endless pruning of speech does have its effects:


I had to laugh.