Tuesday, September 09, 2003

The unGreat Divide

Browsing fellow bloggers' pearls is always edifying. Josh had something interesting to say about the chiloni/charedi (secular/religious) dynamic in Israel. At least prior to the newthink (may it have a long life, at least 120 years…) inspired by the blowing up of bus #2.

Josh says:
"…these are very secular Israelis who don't particularly like Chareidim and at times can be downright nasty in their expression of this dislike."

Can I relate! Dealing with a secular Israeli woman at work (thank G-d no longer in my department), I had a really hard time understanding the paradox. Here you had an educated, secular woman, liberal with regard to everything. Mention anything that she could remotely relate to charedi life, however, and the diatribes would start. Her liberalism ended where religious Judaism began.

Oddly enough, Josh says that most chilonim agreed that the charedim they personally knew were fine people.

Nixon-style “them”-ing. Works every time.

We must be onto something, garnering so much group hostility. Something good.