Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Okay, people (this blog reminds me of the Philosophy 101 question: if the tree in the forest falls out of earshot, has it made noise? But who wants to make noise? Isn't there enough noise where you live?)

First, a warning: I will be changing identifying details. I prefer that my identity not be discovered, or is it that my identity be not discovered?

Second, I haven't really figured a lot of stuff out, but you can contact me at [ed.] heimishtown at gmail dot com no spam though.

This article was interesting to me, but probably in a different way than many readers. You see, my husband is one of those they don't make in male versions so much lately: an anything-you-need-I'll-do-it guy. It has been extremely difficult for me (okay, so maybe I don't wear the pants, but I apparently have the ego in the family) to let go and let him pitch in. I feel it lessens me as a wife, mother, female, person. And now Emuna Braverman just tells me I'm full of myself. Which is not a bad thing to hear once in a while. That team concept puts things in perspective. How does a person used to singing solo learn to duet? And duets are so beautiful. Harmony and all.

Then there is the other thing, which I was busily blogging about earlier, and hit the post button before realizing I had been disconnected from the net. :(

But hang in there, I'll be back.

That's a threat.