Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Little out of Touch, Little Insane

Of course we knew they ran away.

Me, playing some argumentative person:

Reaction: Of course, they live such repressive religious lives. What do you expect?
Cookie Monster: Mhm. And this song was all about children leaving repressive religious lives. Right.

9: It’s because they don’t have sufficient education, as young women in such a community.
C: Rare, in my limited knowledge, is the girl who runs away from home and desires to be in school.

8: They don’t see a future for themselves in this community.
C: How does running away solve or deal with that?

7: They feel closed out of the community, so they had to find another place.
C: How many parents have kids with differing religious viewpoints? Do they have to physically remove themselves to feel safe, or happy?

6: Poor parents.
C: Yes, but please don’t tell me they didn’t see it coming.

5: The parents should have been talking to the girls.
C: Maybe they were. Maybe sometimes there just isn’t good chemistry between parents and kids? Like sweet women whose sons commit suicide.

4: They never should have felt that they need to run away.
C: When was the last time you wanted to run away? Honest! Me, five days ago. But with my husband, and round-trip, please. If you want my kids for the duration, they are very cute.

3: The girls are unbalanced.
C: Maybe. Those unbalanced people sure have a knack for finding each other, though; next-door neighbors, no less.

2: They for sure have unhappy home situations.
C: If you look deeply enough, in every home (that I’ve visited on this dear planet of ours) there are dysfunctions. In one family, you can have ten kids (well, at least amongst us charedim you can), with each child turning out different, and attributing their successes or shortcomings to their home. A lot has to do with temperament, and a lot is siyata dishmaya (Divine assistance). The same thing that works well for one kid turns another kid off.

1: Don’t they know how dangerous the world can be for two young girls on their own?
C: I hope the cops have explained that to them, if their parents hadn’t or they weren’t in listening mode when their parents did.

...It's just easier than dealing with the pain...